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Use This Checklist To Make Sure You’re Ready For A Small Business Loan

So things are going really well for your business, huh? You might even use the cliche “business is booming” to describe how things have been going lately. While generating a considerable revenue and turning a [...]

Good News: Small Business Lending and Optimism Have Been On The Rise

It is a well-known saying that small businesses represent the backbone of the economy, especially here in the United States. Well, that saying appears to be more valid than ever for a number of good [...]

Cash Flow Lending Solutions: Tips To Show Your Cash Flow Who’s Boss

As a business owner, you’re certainly familiar with the integral importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. After all, cash flow practically operates as the lifeblood for your business, featuring vital financial components like your [...]

Working Capital Importance: Successful Businesses That Nearly Failed

Are you familiar with the term “never give up?” It’s an extremely common saying, but the sentiment carries valuable meaning in no other enterprise quite like the small business market. If your small business is [...]

A Few Red Flags When It Comes To Loans For Small Businesses

When you’re attempting to secure additional financing for your small business, the absolute last thing that you’d want is to lose money in the process. While completely legitimate financial lending services like The Commercial Finance [...]

The Time of Year Could Affect The Success Of Small Business Loans

Timing has a lot to do with many things - from photography, athletics and science, doing the right things at the right time can greatly affect the outcome of the situation in question. While you [...]

Why Customized, Flexible Lending Solutions Are Important For Small Business Growth

Congratulations! You’ve successfully turned your brilliant, original idea into a working small business. In fact, your business is taking off so well that you’re actually growing significantly faster than you thought you would. While rapid [...]

Healthcare Receivables Finance Will Help Optimize Your Cash Flow

Healthcare companies and organizations are among some of the most crucial and most-needed services that anyone could possibly ever need, other than food and beverage. Places like hospitals, urgent care centers and specialized health clinics [...]

Using Asset-Based Lending To Account For Seasonal Fluctuation

If running a small to medium-size business was easy and predictable in the sense that you could predict the future, then who wouldn’t own their own business? However, the reality is most small businesses, especially [...]

Expand Your Workforce With Receivables Financing

Today’s business world is often unpredictable and competitive. If you’re the proud owner of a flourishing brick and mortar business in our office locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Burbank, you should give yourself some [...]

The Future of Small Business Lending

At The Commercial Finance Group, you’ll notice that we’re always a group of forward-thinking people who are bent on planning for and figuring out the future, especially in the context of helping support and finance [...]

Insights on Startup Business Growth and Cash Flow Problems

If you search something like “common startup problems” on the web, chances are that many of your results concern something related to cash flow or cash flow issues. These days, there are many startup companies [...]

Beyond Bank Loans: More Ways to Get Working Capital For Your Startup

In the past decade or so, startup business culture has seen significant growth with more and more people leaving traditional corporate positions in place of working for a new, fresh and small startup company. Typically, [...]

More Common Small Business Loan Mistakes

At The Commercial Finance Group, we’re passionate about enabling small businesses around the world to reach their true potential. There is nothing more frustrating than to experience a lack of much-needed growth or expansion due [...]

Loans For Small Business: Alternative Financing Options

These days, loans for your small business or other venture requiring additional capital go well beyond your neighborhood brick and mortar bank. A host of funding options exists today, such as online lending, angel investors, [...]

Asset-Based Lending Myths

At The Commercial Finance Group, we think that it’s important to dispel myths about our small business lending services. Providing accurate, honest information is important to uphold the integrity of small businesses practices and the [...]

The Myths of Small Businesses

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Starting a small business is difficult. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, to say the least. Not only do you have to rely on [...]