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Financial Planning Tools For Asset-Based Loans

The Importance of a Budget There is a saying, “Even a poor man can be rich, if he is smart with his assets.” This adage still rings true today. If your annual salary doesn’t equate [...]

Looking Forward: Financial Spring Cleaning To Consider For Your Business

In our last blog post, your Atlanta small business lenders here at The Commercial Finance Group extensively covered how to combat seasonal depression and successfully navigate your business through the “winter blues.” Perhaps the tides [...]

Business and Personal Care Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

The wintertime isn’t all that bad. Now, it’s true that this is (literally) the darkest time of year marked by heavy snowfall and consistently chilly temperatures drawing us to the warmth and comfort of indoors. [...]

What Would The U.S. Economy Be Like Without Small Businesses?

In short, the United States economy would be in shambles without small businesses to support it. Well, no, not exactly - the ways that American consumers spend their money would, of course, change, but things [...]

Beyond Financing: Common Challenges Faced By The Healthcare Industry

If you’re searching for irony, the United States healthcare industry being sick should fit the bill pretty well. While healthcare companies big and small have good intentions when it comes to serving the public’s health, [...]

Some Of The Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Are Facing Today

We’ve said it many times before, and we’ll continue to drive this point home: starting and growing a small business is difficult. Entrepreneurship requires a great deal of hard work, and the world’s most successful [...]

Useful Software Tools To Consider For Entrepreneurs

If time is money, then wouldn’t optimizing your time lead to maximizing your money? While the passion of small business owners goes far beyond financial matters, any and every company could benefit from saving costly [...]

Small Business Fads That Might Be Phased Out In 2018

Working closely with fledgling small businesses over the years, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen some...well, interesting business practices. From trendy desk setups to quirky company attitudes, it’s tempting to run your company in [...]

Business Trends And Predictions To Look Out For In 2018

Time isn’t going any slower, and that’s especially the case for entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners. Progressively inching closer and closer to a technology-oriented economy, 2018 could show some interesting trends and developments in [...]

Tips For Launching Your Ecommerce Business

Congratulations! What was once a mere idea has now come to life in the form of an actual business with an actual revenue. Launching a business is easier said than done, of course, but here [...]

Keeping Your Information Safe With These Cyber Security Pointers

For many small business owners, their company means everything to them, and it might even be all that they have. So, it would only make sense to protect such an important business, the sole income [...]

How To Keep Sales High And Business Flowing After The Holiday Spike

For most service-based businesses and ecommerce stores, the holiday season is a good thing. With a definitive increase in sales, it’s easy to get caught up in your company’s success during this shopping-fueled time of [...]

Fictional Products And Companies That Actually Exist In Real Life

As it turns out, if you really want to create a successful new product or company (and with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind, who wouldn’t?), it might make sense to market it before it actually [...]

How Growing Too Fast Can Be Damaging For Businesses

As it turns out, growing pains aren’t just limited to our physical bodies as we rapidly shoot through puberty in adolescence. While growth is almost always a good thing for businesses, there is such a [...]

Smart Shopping: Avoid These Common Holiday Shopping Mistakes

Whether you’re acquiring extra inventory or overhead for your small business this holiday season or you’re going on a personal shopping spree for your friends and family, holiday shopping presents a myriad of opportunities to [...]

Don’t Let Your Small Business Make These Holiday Marketing Mistakes

We’ve said it once (or really, multiple times) in the past and we’ll say it again: the holiday season is an incredibly important time of the year for small businesses, particularly the retail industry. Back [...]

Tips To Stay Productive And On-Track During The Busy Holiday Season

Even the coolest, level-headed folks can succumb to the crazy and busy time of year known as “the holidays.” Indeed, from right around Thanksgiving to Christmas time, this span of just over one month boils [...]

Some Clever Holiday-Themed Small Business Marketing Ideas

It’s just about that time of year again! With Thanksgiving festivities having recently concluded, the coming weeks feature classic December holidays including Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Hanukkah. When New Year’s Eve is included, this time of [...]

Will Your Business Idea Really Work? Some Entrepreneurial Decisions To Consider

So, you have a clever and perhaps even original idea for a business. Congratulations! Without an idea of what you want to build your business around, there’s nowhere to start, so deciding what product or [...]

Several Myths About The Healthcare Industry

Given all that doctors do, it’s pretty easy to just assume that they’re superheroes who know everything about anything. It’s also pretty easy to assume that the better access to healthcare someone has, the healthier [...]