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The History of Modern Finance and Factoring

Using valuable currency and other desirable items for trade, as a very primitive and early form of financial exchanges, goes back to the early dawn of mankind. Obviously, humankind has come a long way from [...]

What To Do When The Bank Says ‘No’

Going into business isn’t for the faint of heart. Before they’ve tried it, many people have rosy view of what it will be like to work for oneself. Getting to make all the rules. Keeping [...]

The Difference Between Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Factoring

When it comes to effectively managing and running a business, cash flow management is extremely important to your success. Purchase order financing and invoice factoring are similar in nature, but they do have their distinctions. [...]

The History Of Factoring Is Older Than You Think [Infographic]

Here at The Commercial Finance Group in Burbank, we’re proud to offer a full suite of alternative financing solutions to companies in the B2B sector. With our customized lending products--like factoring, receivables financing, and asset-based [...]

What Is Accounts Receivable Management?

The Commercial Finance Group is a leader in customized lending solutions for small to medium-sized companies in the B2B sector. For over 40 years, the experienced financing professionals on our nationwide team have helped companies [...]

What Is Purchase Order Financing?

Here at The Commercial Finance Group, we’re proud to be a preferred provider of customized lending solutions for companies all over the country. Whether it’s a manufacturer in Los Angeles or a staffing provider in [...]

Is Bad Credit Standing In The Way Of Business Loans?

If you wanted to start a business, buy new equipment for your existing business, or expand your your current company to a second location, where would you look to find the necessary funding? It’s highly [...]

How Our Lending Solutions Helped This Plastics Manufacturer

When most people think of startups or small businesses in America, they envision a rosy scene in which a homemaker constructs craft items to sell when the kids are in bed, or a technological whiz-kid [...]

Assemble A Brilliant B2B Marketing Plan In 7 Easy Steps

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of marketing in B2B commerce industries. In today’s fast-paced, increasingly digital and mobile environment, it’s no longer enough to rely on word of mouth or traditional marketing [...]

Marketing Strategies With Proven Impact On B2B Revenue

Are you experiencing lower than usual revenue levels? Have you been sifting through your key performance indicators, trying to figure out where effort is being wasted and which processes aren’t giving you the return on [...]

What Cash Flow Problems Might A Manufacturing Business Experience?

Here at Commercial Finance Group in Los Angeles, we’ve had the privilege of providing custom lending solutions to businesses all over America. These businesses are large and small, consumer-facing and B2B commerce oriented. With a [...]

What Are The Financial Implications Of Opening A Second Business Location?

If you’re the proud owner of a flourishing brick and mortar business in Los Angeles, you deserve a standing ovation. In today’s competitive market, in which physical businesses must compete with ecommerce enterprises, sustaining a [...]