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Why We Tend To Love The Fall Season And How Your Small Business Can Benefit

From jumping in massive, crunchy piles of leaves to sipping on yet another pumpkin spice latte and carving the perfect Jack-O-Lantern, there’s something idyllic and comforting about the fall season. Why do people love fall [...]

Fall-Themed Marketing Ideas To Get Ready For The Holidays

Fall is upon us, and the holiday season is fast approaching. While marketing your small business is important at any point in the year, the holiday season is the time of year when most retail-based [...]

Clever Small Business Ideas For The Upcoming Winter

Depending on where you’re located, the transition from the sweltering heat of the late summer to the bone-chilling flurry of early winter storms can be a rather brief one. While snowy days incite memories of [...]

An Overview Of Our FAQ About Lending Solutions

While the core concept of our company financing your business is a pretty easy concept to understand, we often find that some small business owners can get lost in the details of what we do [...]

The Holiday Season Is Around The Corner: Is Your Small Business Ready?

We might still be a ways out from Halloween this year, but as the holiday season progressively gets closer, time seems to go by faster and faster. Many product-based (and even service-based) companies, including small [...]

Thinking About Starting Your Own Small Business? Here Are Some Ideas

If you can think of something that exists - if it’s a product or service, that is - chances are that a small business exists out in the world that does exactly what you just [...]

The Importance Of Time Management And Tips For SMB Owners

Time is money. It’s such a cliche, but there’s a lot of truth behind it. And when it comes to owning and managing your very own small to medium-sized business, this cliche really comes across [...]

Several Off-The-Wall Small Businesses That Also Needed Working Capital

Whether your business is something as straightforward and serious as a law partnership all the way to something as silly and novel as a ‘glitterbomb’ delivery company, all businesses, small and large, have one thing [...]

Stay Smart: What Not To Do With Your Small Business

When it comes to successfully managing and running your own small business with pride, it takes more than efficiently managed finances and a healthy cash flow to make sure that things are going smoothly. While [...]

Optimizing Working Capital For Your Business

If money is power, then this is especially true when it comes to successfully managing, running and growing a small business into the company of your dreams. Now, money is only one aspect of our [...]

The Importance Of Simplicity In Small Business Lending

Simplicity is greatly important when it comes to loaning your small business venture with the funds that it needs to grow and reach its potential. However, simplicity is important in many aspects of life. From [...]

Different Options For Small Business Lines Of Credit

Offering your growing business with crucial working capital to expand operations or stock additional inventory is what we specialize in here at The Commercial Finance Group. We have a unique and interesting approach to small [...]

Bitcoin, Online Currency, And Small Business Loans

Queue 2017. More than ever, this is the era where digital solutions exist for nearly every problem. From social networking and seamless video chat for communication all the way to hyper-realistic, immersive virtual reality gaming [...]

Use This Checklist To Make Sure You’re Ready For A Small Business Loan

So things are going really well for your business, huh? You might even use the cliche “business is booming” to describe how things have been going lately. While generating a considerable revenue and turning a [...]

Good News: Small Business Lending and Optimism Have Been On The Rise

It is a well-known saying that small businesses represent the backbone of the economy, especially here in the United States. Well, that saying appears to be more valid than ever for a number of good [...]

Cash Flow Lending Solutions: Tips To Show Your Cash Flow Who’s Boss

As a business owner, you’re certainly familiar with the integral importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. After all, cash flow practically operates as the lifeblood for your business, featuring vital financial components like your [...]

Working Capital Importance: Successful Businesses That Nearly Failed

Are you familiar with the term “never give up?” It’s an extremely common saying, but the sentiment carries valuable meaning in no other enterprise quite like the small business market. If your small business is [...]

A Few Red Flags When It Comes To Loans For Small Businesses

When you’re attempting to secure additional financing for your small business, the absolute last thing that you’d want is to lose money in the process. While completely legitimate financial lending services like The Commercial Finance [...]