We recognize the unique trust clients have with their financial advisors.

Help Your Clients Grow Their Business

Our 40 years in the business has taught us many things, the most significant being, access to working capital has more impact on the health of a business than the cost of the capital. Without working  capital, young and growing companies experience stunted growth, and are likely to die.

Additionally, The Commercial Finance Group hopes to clear up confusion about the alternative financing space, especially when it comes to accounts receivable financing. Many make the incorrect comparison of believing we are an alternative to bank financing. That is not our intention. If a company can access financing options through a traditional bank, we encourage them to do so and will direct those who are bankable to an appropriate bank. If a company can’t access working capital in this way, we’ll do whatever we can to help through receivables financing and other options.

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Your Customer’s Financing Options

There are a myriad of reasons as to why a company may fall into the “unbankable space” — things like leverage, tax issues, low credit scores, previous bankruptcy, and rapid growth to name few. Regardless of the reason, if they do not qualify for bank financing, they generally only have four financing options:

  • raise equity and dilute their ownership at a less than optimal time
  • finance their growth from internal cash flow
  • forego the growth opportunity and stagnate
  • seek alternative financing

We Help “Unbankable” Companies with Working Capital Financing

If your clients experience difficulties in obtaining working capital financing, consider talking to us.

Years in Business

Reliable and Stable

We’ve been around for over four decades and possess a national footprint. Also, we have traditional bank financing supporting us, a rare characteristic only one-third of our competition can claim.

Credit Starting From

Grow With Clients

We can provide credit facilities ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000, thus we can grow with your clients as their working capital needs evolve.

Years of Experience

Industry Experience

Our senior management team has over 250 combined years of industry experience.

Advance on A/R

Assist with A/R

We can advance up to 90% of eligible A/R, assisting with administrative follow-up on the A/R as well as performing credit analysis on your clients’ customers, both of which are cost centers for your client.

Ready For Your Bridge to Bankability?