Build a Pipeline of Future Bankable Borrowers

It can take 12 to 24 months before your customer develops into a “bankable company.” But with CFG as your working capital partner, our combined effort helps build a pipeline of future clients for you as we build a “Bridge to Bankability” for your customer.

From “Unbankable” To “Bankable”

Most small businesses need access to working capital  at some point in their maturation. CFG provides working capital financing solutions to provide small business lending solutions to companies that do not currently qualify for traditional bank financing. As a source of transitory non-equity capital, we provide a “Bridge to Bankability”. Our typical small business lending client has been turned down by a number of banks for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The business has no hard assets (like real estate or equipment).
  • There is minimal or negative net worth.
  • The business is deemed a startup.
  • The business is highly leveraged.
  • The business lacks cash flow or has had recent losses.
  • There has been a personal or business bankruptcy or there are tax liens on the business.
  • The business is expecting very rapid growth.

The reality is that these are not bankable companies. The best way to position CFG is to introduce us as an interim strategic lending partner who is:

  • An alternative to raising additional equity or selling a portion of the business at the wrong time.
  • A temporary source of funding with fewer strings attached than with an equity investor.
  • A “Bridge to Bankability” that will prepare them for an eventual bank line.
  • Treasury management agnostic. We do not require the movement of treasury management to our financial institution, so your clients can maintain their existing relationship with your bank.
  • Non-regulated, and therefore non-competitive with and non-threatening to your bank. We don’t compete with the banks. Our competition comes from equity investors, friends and family, a lost opportunity, a foregone sale — or slow growth.

We believe CFG offers some of the best business loans in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our small business lending solutions.

Benefits to Your Bank

“What’s in it for me?” you might be asking. Here are the top four key benefits to partner with CFG for your non-bankable clients and prospects:

1 Build a pipeline of future bankable borrowers.


2 Increase your bank’s non-credit revenue by building core deposits and cross-selling fee-based products.


3  Providing a credit solution earlier in their development.


4 Seen as a solutions provider who is saying “Yes,” rather than “No.”

Ready For Your Bridge to Bankability?