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Our senior management team has over 250 years of combined experience in lending, in both the regulated and unregulated environments.

In the regulatory environment that we find ourselves in today, many businesses must reach beyond their local banker to find a working capital solution. Startup businesses, companies that are concentrated with too few customers, and those that have had financial hiccups along the way are all challenged to find commercial loans that meet their individual needs.

What’s more, the number of Asset-based Loans, Factoring, and Supply Chain Finance companies has exploded from what it was 15 years ago. In today’s economy there are also Merchant Cash Advance companies, Angel Investors, and Crowd Funding Organizations. However, each one of these small business lending solutions comes with their own specific nuances as it relates to how they work with your company. It is imperative that the small to medium-sized business owner educate themselves before they seek these types of commercial loans. These small business lending companies all operate in unregulated industries, and depending on who is behind these companies, can impact the progress of the borrower seeking working capital.

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