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Are my invoices liened as collateral?

Yes, they are. CFG requires first position on invoices you have submitted to our accounts receivable financing program. In some instances CFG may elect to work with a bank or SBA lender who is also financing the end client. In these cases, the bank must be willing to subordinate its position on the accounts receivables.

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How can CFG work for me?

We provide… The most competitive rates available Financial strength and stability US offices coast-to-coast, in Canada, and Worldwide Individualized service that is professional and unparalleled 40 years experience serving small to medium sized businesses Numerous programs and flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual companies Funding from $25,000 to $2,000,000 per month Web access [...]

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What sets CFG above other ABL companies?

CFG purchases your approved commercial accounts receivable once the goods are shipped or services are completed CFG handles invoices, mailing, processing, and postage at no additional cost We provide timely aging reports so you know the status of all your accounts, including online reporting We provide up-to-date account information, customer balances, and detail reports via [...]

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What will my customers think?

For some people, this question is their most important issue. Generally most finance companies will want the customers (or debtors) to remit directly to them. In today’s environment, where factoring is more widely known, this seldom causes a problem. However, well-managed finance companies like CFG will typically have a Non-Notification program available for those situations [...]

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What ABL does…

Improves cash position Increases purchasing power Works to improve your credit rating Makes it possible to increase production and sales Provides professional credit checking on your customers Provides complete accounts receivable portfolio management

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What are the advantages of ABL with Commercial Finance Group over borrowing?

When you borrow… Typically a lender will secure collateral equal to a minimum of three times the loan amount Your flexibility is restricted You cannot secure additional funds without renegotiating the loan You must meet monthly payment obligations You incur additional debt further leveraging your business When you factor… You don’t borrow [...]

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Who needs ABL?

Undercapitalized or new companies Growth-oriented companies Companies that cannot get adequate bank financing Companies with tax problems, liens, or working through a bankruptcy Companies with low or negative net worth

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How is this beneficial to my business?

The funds can be used for almost any business expense, such as increasing inventories, capital expenditures, taking advantage of supplier discounts, hiring additional staff, and expanding facilities. Accounts receivable financing frees your staff from onerous billing, collection, and administration chores while eliminating costly mailing fees. CFG can take over the backroom operations for your credit [...]

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What IS Accounts Receivable Financing/ABL?

A cash flow tool that allows you to use your accounts receivable as an asset to ensure the growth of your business, without diluting your existing equity or incurring additional debt. An effective way to turn your accounts receivable into immediate cash which you can use any way you wish.

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