MCA Lenders and Confessions of Judgment – Legislation Eliminates This Predatory Lending Tool

In a recent series of articles we have been describing how some merchant cash advance (MCA) lenders have utilized predatory lending practices to take advantage of small business borrowers. In particular, some of these lenders have taken advantage of an obscure legal document known as a confession of judgment (or COJ) to file judgments against [...]

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The 5 C’s versus 2 C’s of Lending

Updated June 26th, 2019 There are a variety of variables that lenders look at when determining credit worthiness for small business lending. Typically, they can be classified into the 5 C’s of credit: character, capacity, capital, collateral, and conditions. In this blog post by The Commercial Finance Group, the best factoring company, we’ll examine these [...]

2019-06-30T06:19:15-04:00May 29th, 2019|Asset-Based Lending Burbank|

What to Do if You’re Not Bankable Part 2

Being not bankable is not the end of the world. There are still plenty of opportunities to gain access to working capital when you need it. In this continuing series of what to do if your small business or start-up is not bankable, The Commercial Finance Group, a long standing working capital financing company, will [...]

2019-07-25T11:36:34-04:00May 27th, 2019|Receivables Financing Los Angeles|

What to Do if You’re Not Bankable Part 1

  Being non- bankable is not like wearing a scarlet A (although it can feel like it at times). Being non- bankable just means you have to be more creative in your small business financing than other companies. And the beauty of this is you’ll discover other options that might even suit your business better [...]

2019-06-30T06:07:27-04:00May 25th, 2019|Factoring Burbank|

How CFG Helped a Service Business Deal with the Disruptions Caused by a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Lender

A new type of lending has emerged in recent years that has the potential to wipe out unsuspecting businesses that aren’t aware of how it works. Known as merchant cash advances (or MCAs), these loans feature usurious interest rates in the triple-digits annually. They also allow lenders to deduct loan repayments directly from borrowers’ accounts [...]

2019-06-21T10:29:27-04:00May 13th, 2019|Asset-Based Lending Los Angeles|

Precautions of SBA Lending

When it comes to small business financing, many businesses turn to the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA helps small businesses obtain financing that they otherwise would be denied. Sounds a lot like the mission of The Commercial Finance Group, right? Well, there are clear differences between the two and some precautions you need to [...]

2019-08-23T17:26:18-04:00May 13th, 2019|Asset-Based Lending Los Angeles|

Brush Up Your Business Communication Skills With These Simple Tips

Your ability to communicate with someone, whether they’re a financial representative, investor, account manager, or city planner, is absolutely essential to a successful business venture. From drafting out a clear and concise email to your employees to properly and thoroughly articulating your thoughts, the ability to effectively communicate — and be versed in communication within [...]

2019-04-23T09:35:20-04:00March 13th, 2019|Asset-Based Lending Atlanta|

Use A Small Business Loan To Invest In These Niche Ecommerce Industries

Since the advent of Amazon and other ecommerce platform giants, consumers have turned to the internet to buy a number of things — or really, to purchase just about anything that their heart desires. Shopping online has a number of benefits for both the shopper and the business owner: no required social interaction and fewer [...]

2019-03-01T11:23:02-05:00February 18th, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

Choose Our Asset-Based Lending Company As Your Valentine This Year

You may not realize it, but your small business needs a mate. No, we don’t necessarily mean a “mate” in a romantic sense, though it’s easy to misconstrue this information given that it’s already Valentine’s Day this year. Sure enough, 2019 is flying by with no signs of slowing down. It’s time to take your [...]

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