You may not realize it, but your small business needs a mate. No, we don’t necessarily mean a “mate” in a romantic sense, though it’s easy to misconstrue this information given that it’s already Valentine’s Day this year. Sure enough, 2019 is flying by with no signs of slowing down. It’s time to take your company to the next level.

Entrepreneurialism Meets…Romance?

Come to think of it, your small business actually needs multiple partners, and this romance-driven holiday serves as the perfect time of year to remind you of this. No, we don’t mean that your company should be unfaithful, per se, but what we’re saying is that you’ll need a lot of help to really get the entrepreneurial ball rolling. From suppliers to vendors, distributors, marketing firms, lawyers, consultants, strategists, and of course, small business loan companies, it really takes a team to realize your dream.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, The Commercial Finance Group presents a few great reasons why you should choose our asset-based lending company in Atlanta and Los Angeles as your small business valentine.

We’re Flexible

The last thing that our SMB lending company wants to do is suffocate you with attention. However, if you require special attention at any point during our relationship, we’re more than happy to drop everything else and spend time with you. Our friendly team of experienced loan officers and consultants are eager to chat with you at any time.

We’re Responsive And We Don’t Play Games

We’re not here to fiddle around with romantic ambiguity. The bank, however, is a different story. They’ll toy with your company’s heart, taking multiple weeks if not months on end just to fully process a loan for your small business. That’s no way to go about Valentine’s Day, is it?

The Commercial Finance group is ready to provide your operation with the working capital you need in a fraction of the time that conventional banks take. No offense, banks out there, but you’ve had your chances. It’s time to treat small business the way that they deserve to be treated.

We’ll Always Be Here For You

That’s right — there’s zero potential for heartbreak when you start a relationship with our lending company. The Commercial Finance Group has longstanding roots in the SMB loan industry for decades, and we see no sign of leaving the industry that we’re the most passionate about.

Rest assured that your business will always have a reliable shoulder to cry on, someone to share your wins and successes with, and someone who will always support your ambitious endeavors as a growing company.

Are You Ready To Be Our Valentine? Apply Online Today!

Filling out an online application to connect with your valentine might seem a little bit strange, but we assure you that doing so will be the greatest decision that you’ve ever made for your small business. If you’ve been struggling with erratic earnings or a marginal cash flow, don’t wait for another valentine to magically grace your company. Choose The Commercial Finance Group!