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When you don’t have the capital available to finance day-to-day operations for your small or medium-sized business, The Commercial Finance Group can help thanks to our invoice factoring services. Whether you work through our small business lenders in Atlanta or Los Angeles, we’re confident that you’ll find our unique and flexible approach to lending to be beneficial to your business. Not only can we help you obtain funding with the help of your accounts receivable, but we’ll provide you cash in a fraction of the time that it takes conventional banks to process a small business loan. Check out our blog archive to read insightful and relevant content about invoice factoring as it relates to funding your company.

Use A Small Business Loan To Invest In These Niche Ecommerce Industries

Since the advent of Amazon and other ecommerce platform giants, consumers have turned to the internet to buy a number of things — or really, to purchase just about anything that their heart desires. Shopping online has a number of benefits for both the shopper and the business owner: no required social interaction and fewer [...]

2019-03-01T11:23:02-05:00February 18th, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

New Year, New Start: How To Start This Year On The Right Financial Foot

It’s 2019 and many businesses are saying “good riddance” to the previous year. It was a tough year for many of us, but thankfully 2019 is giving us all a chance to start fresh. The Commercial Finance Group has spent the last year (well, the last 40+ years) helping small and medium-sized businesses secure working [...]

2019-01-03T10:10:36-05:00January 14th, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

10 Things You Can Afford When You Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

When businesses are experiencing cash flow problems due to late-paying clients, low seasonal sales, fast-paced growth, or some other factor, it can be difficult to do anything beyond simply making ends meet. This is especially troublesome for new businesses that do not have a large amount of equity to draw upon during tough times. Thankfully, [...]

2019-01-03T10:10:35-05:00January 10th, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

It’s Never Too Late To Change: Resolutions For Your Small Business In 2019

If you’ve felt like your small business is in a rut with no sign of getting out, it’s time to get inspired and turn things around this year. Another new year brings the prospect of hope and change around the world (the Chinese New Year notwithstanding), and there’s no time like the present to get [...]

2019-01-24T11:29:23-05:00January 3rd, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

How To Get Clients To Pay Invoices Faster

We have three words that can instill fear into any business owner: slow-paying clients. Slow-paying clients or, worse, no-pay clients can wreak havoc on your business’s finances. Small businesses are especially susceptible to doom due to slow-paying clients as they often rely on receiving invoices to afford payroll and overhead costs. If this sounds familiar, [...]

2019-01-03T10:10:32-05:00January 1st, 2019|Invoice Factoring|

Understanding Factoring Vs. Asset-Based Loans

Here at The Commercial Finance Group, we are proud to be your “bridge to bankability.” When you are just starting a business or are experiencing some financial struggles related to your business, traditional business loans can be hard to obtain — especially at a fair interest rate. We offer custom working capital solutions for small- [...]

2019-01-03T12:28:48-05:00December 20th, 2018|Blog, Invoice Factoring|

Financial Downfalls Business Owners Should Avoid

Here at the Commercial Finance Group, we regularly interact with business owners looking for financing solutions for their business. In the past, we have written blogs offering business owners advice on how to avoid certain issues, including how to avoid mistakes with invoice factoring. While invoice factoring is a common funding endeavor for small businesses, [...]

2019-01-02T17:47:05-05:00December 17th, 2018|Blog, Invoice Factoring|

What To Do When Your Business Has Cash Flow Problems

Cash flow is important for any business regardless of size. Small businesses, though, especially rely on consistent positive cash flow to keep up with operational costs and remain profitable. Negative cash flow is one of the main reasons small businesses fail. Not only can it make meeting monthly operational costs impossible, but it can also [...]

2019-01-02T17:46:43-05:00December 14th, 2018|Blog, Invoice Factoring|

How Your Company’s Story Fuels A Funding Solution

Here at the Commercial Finance Group, when we work with a business to implement a new funding solution, such as factoring receivables, we begin by getting to know the business, the story behind it, and the business’ goals. Understanding the story behind a business is important for numerous reasons. The story that has fueled the [...]

2018-11-30T13:18:41-05:00December 2nd, 2018|Invoice Factoring|
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