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If you’ve started your very own small business in or near Burbank, California, then congratulations! Launching a small business is a very exciting enterprise, but it’s also easier said than done. There are many challenges and hurdles to overcome as a small business owner, and finding the right amount of working capital to finance day-to-day operations and expansions is no exception. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight this financial battle alone. Thanks to the help of The Commercial Finance Group and our receivables financing lending services in Burbank, this type of small business lending strategy is fast, effective, and economically-viable for you as a growing company. Curious about the specific benefits of receivables financing? Check out our insightful blog posts on the matter by reading here.

Stress Management Tips For Entrepreneurial Professionals

We’ll begin with a point that we’ve brought up time and time again in the past: founding and successfully growing a small business is hard. Entrepreneurship often comes across as an attractive enterprise, a liberating, self-directed experience where one can truly pursue their passions and make a legitimate living out of their interests in the [...]

2018-04-10T12:56:41-04:00February 19th, 2018|Receivables Financing Burbank|

Several Myths About The Healthcare Industry

Given all that doctors do, it’s pretty easy to just assume that they’re superheroes who know everything about anything. It’s also pretty easy to assume that the better access to healthcare someone has, the healthier they are. However, these common understandings that people have about the healthcare and medical industry aren’t always the case. In [...]

2018-04-10T12:56:43-04:00November 22nd, 2017|Receivables Financing Burbank|

Healthcare Receivables Finance Will Help Optimize Your Cash Flow

Healthcare companies and organizations are among some of the most crucial and most-needed services that anyone could possibly ever need, other than food and beverage. Places like hospitals, urgent care centers and specialized health clinics and doctors provide essential medical services for hundreds of millions, if not billions of people around the globe every day. [...]

2018-04-10T12:56:49-04:00July 14th, 2017|Receivables Financing Burbank|
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