If my borrower cannot qualify for traditional financing, what are his options?

There aren’t many attractive options available to a borrower unable to qualify for traditional bank financing. The options are 1) raise equity, 2) seek money from friends and family, 3) forego the growth opportunity, or 4) seek financing from firms like The Commercial Finance Group. The first two options are expensive, slow, unreliable, and intrusive [...]

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How do you justify your price?

We charge a fair price for our services taking into consideration our borrowers needs and the risks associated with the transaction. The additional cash-flow and the ability to grow your revenues, hence profits, without diluting your ownership, means you retain control of your company. In addition, we provide credit monitoring, reporting, collections and other services [...]

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How can you make this type of loan and my bank cannot?

We are not regulated, and therefore are not subject to the scrutiny of regulators. Because we deploy our own capital, and evaluate risk as we see it, we are only limited by our view of an acceptable risk for an appropriate return on that risk. By not being reliant on depositors funds, which are insured [...]

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Are my invoices liened as collateral?

Yes, they are. CFG requires first position on invoices you have submitted to our accounts receivable financing program. In some instances CFG may elect to work with a bank or SBA lender who is also financing the end client. In these cases, the bank must be willing to subordinate its position on the accounts receivables.

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How can CFG work for me?

We provide… The most competitive rates available Financial strength and stability US offices coast-to-coast, in Canada, and Worldwide Individualized service that is professional and unparalleled 40 years experience serving small to medium sized businesses Numerous programs and flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual companies Funding from $25,000 to $2,000,000 per month Web access [...]

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